Architecture of the absurd

Nothing is what it seems


Did you think our project wasn’t absurd enough yet? We thought that we had reached our limits but no, we hadn’t.

For reasons related to other people’s paranoia, and from this moment on, our name starts being “Architecture of the Absurd” so we are moving to another Facebook page that honors the name and our new web page is

Other than that, nothing changes, tracks haven’t mutated, Marco Minnemann is still the drummer, Damian Erskine still plays the bass and if you already have our record, you might have a treasure in your hands. If you don’t, get it through the usual channels.

We’d just like to ask you to share this message as much as you can so all our followers move with us.

In fact, what the hell? Architecture of the absurd is a much better name!

Thank you! We are right here with you!